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Foliarfert.com 2004 Ltd, is situated at Oturi Road, Waverley in South Taranaki, in the lower North Island of New Zealand.

The company specialises in foliar fertiliser technology and manufactures foliar fertiliser nutrient  products, chelated trace elements and specialised herbicide adjuvants.

This site was created as a result of  working for many years with farmers and growers in the foliar fertiliser and Agricultural chemical industries.

The information on this site is intended to give a broad view of foliar fertiliser, as the subject is not well understood and at the same time help clear up confusion.

Primarily a site for farming, it has also been created for those interested in growing flowers, gardening, plants, vegetable gardening and  horticulture with regard to foliar fertiliser.

Farmers have been using foliar fertiliser since the early 1950's.  Even though they were told by 'experts' they shouldn't, they continued to use them

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