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Hi-Trace Calcium: Improves soil structure, aeration and drainage.  Controls plant absorption of other nutrients.  Protects plants from disease.  Improves stock health
Hi-Trace Magnesium: Essential component of chlorophyll.  Acts as a carrier of Phosphorous.  Important for animal health, nerves, mineral balance, etc.
Hi-Trace Sodium: Controls osmotic pressure within the plants cells.  Helps assimilate Potassium.  Essential for animal health.
Hi-Trace Iron: Helps with chlorophyll.  Essential for blood.  Lack of, results in loss of weight, scouring and general ill thrift.
Hi-Trace Manganese: Controls germination and maturity of plants.  Increases the availability of Calcium, Magnesium and Phosphorous.  Assists in Photosynthesis, animal reproduction and birth.  Lack of, suppresses animal production, will cause birth deformities and lowers conception rate.
Hi-Trace Zinc: Important for plant animal health.  Affects chlorophyll production.  Affects animal growth rates, reproduction, skin diseases, feet disorders and disease resistance.
Hi-Trace Copper: Related to Molybdenum.  High Molybdenum suppresses Copper in stock.  Low Copper leads to performance, browning of the hair, and scouring.  Often confused with worn infestation in stock.
Hi-Trace Boron: Lack of Boron stunts growth.  Controls the levels of Nitrate within the plant.  Improves stock health.  Involved in plant reproduction.  Increases fruit and seed production
Hi-Trace Molybdenum: Increases nodulation of clovers.  Essential for micro-organisms and beneficial soil activity.
Hi-Trace Cobalt: Essential component in vitamin B12.Used by Rumen organisms, important in digestive process.  Lack of decreases appetite.  Involved with conception.  A cobalt supplement during mating increases conception.
Hi-Trace Selenium: Prevents white muscle disease.  Improves animal growth rates.  Improves milk production.

Available in 20 Litre, 200 litre and 1000 Litre pod

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