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Active Ingredients:    Booma is a combination of balanced foliar nutrients  containing  9% Nitrogen, 4% Phosphorus and 6% Potassium in a w/w formulation and Calcium 400ppm.

Also contains chelated trace elements: Magnesium 300ppm, Sulphur 664ppm, Cobalt 50ppm, Iodine 20ppm, Boron 200ppm, Copper 200ppm, Manganese 300ppm, Zinc 200ppm, Sodium 150ppm, Molybdenum 50ppm, Selenium 10ppm.

It also contains amino acids and growth promoting compounds from Seaweed (Ascophyllum nodusum) and humates and and fulvic soil conditioning materials.

The efficiency of Booma is very high and a very effective way to apply micro elements or trace elements, supplement the major nutrients and quickly correct a nutrient imbalance. It is an excellent way to 'fine tune' a high fertility programme.



Available in 20 Litre, 200 litre and 1000 Litre pod